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Green Articles Archive

October 2009
From the ground up: go green with iLevel® by Weyerhaeuser
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Recycled Content Earns European Copper’s Chimney Pots One of the First ICC-ES® SAVE™ Reports
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September 2009

August 2009
ICC–ES SAVE Verifies Recycled Content of Georgia–Pacific Gypsum Board (PDF Download)

Going green... from the inside out with Nu-Wool
An architectural firm recently called Nu-Wool® with a question that’s being heard more and more in today’s market: does your product qualify for a Green Building Rating? The answer: yes, WALLSEAL qualifies and Nu-Wool can prove it.
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The days of unverified green products are over... with Icynene’s innovative new foam insulation
Icynene LD-R-50, a renewable-based foam insulation and air barrier material using castor oil, is the fi rst product to receive the ICC Evaluation Service® (ICC-ES®) Sustainable Attributes Verifi cation and Evaluation™ (SAVE™) verifi cation. ICC-ESĀ® created the SAVE™ Program to verify manufacturers’ claims regarding the sustainable attributes of their products.
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July 2009
April 2009
March 2009
December 2008

October 2008

September 2008
There's No Place Like Home: Rebuilding Greensburg by Sean W. Reid, C.B.O.
For most of the last 125 years, Greensburg, Kansas, was an archetypical small town Midwestern community. Built around the railroad and farming, the seat of Kiowa County grew from the home of a few hundred to a small city of more than 1,200 residents. Long considered a wonderful place to raise a family-where kids were always safe and doors never locked-Greensburg's claim to fame was that it was the home of the world's largest hand-dug water well and the final resting place of the largest Pallasite meteor ever found. Quiet, peaceful and closely knit, Greensburg was the perfect picture of a relaxed, southwestern Kansas farm town. That all changed Friday, May 4, 2007, at approximately 8:30 p.m. when a category EF-5 tornado nearly two miles wide raced north from the Kansas-Oklahoma border straight toward Greensburg.
Read the green article about rebuilding Greensburg (PDF Download)

July-August 2008
Green Building: The Role of Code Officials in Green Building Program Administration by Allan Bilka, RA, ICC Senior Staff Architect.
Most code officials currently think of themselves primarily as stewards of building safety. Soon, however, some may carry an additional significant responsibility: serving as stewards of the environment. In fact, by administering local green building programs, some pioneering code officials are doing this already.
Read the green article about the role of code officials in green building program administration (PDF Download)

June 2008
Gaining New and Wider Views by David Eisenberg.
We have been required to do much learning lately. Those who have heard about net-zero energy buildings and programs like the Living Building Challenge-which is also working toward net-zero water balance and very high environmental performance-and think these goals are decades away from implementation might want to get out their hiking boots and compasses, because there is a high probability that these kinds of projects will begin sprouting up across the country in the next few years.
Read the green article about gaining new and wider views (PDF Download)

Greening Fire Suppression Systems by Brian Carnazza, P.E., LEED AP, and Edward Orazine, P.E. .
To date, most environmental efforts within the fire suppression industry have involved specialized systems including foaming agents, carbon dioxide and clean agents, and national and local green building initiatives have largely overlooked available opportunities related to traditional fire suppression systems. Moving forward, we should begin to seek ways to reduce the environmental impacts of all fire suppression systems during design and testing.
Read the green article about greening fire suppression systems (PDF Download)

Promoting Building Energy Efficiency by Doug Seiter, LEED AP.
There is little room remaining for debate on the issue of global climate change: it is happening and we must deal with it. By most credible accounts, we have less than ten years to stabilize and begin a downward trend in carbon emissions in order to mitigate catastrophic consequences. Daunting, yes-but not impossible. Part of the solution lies in the construction of high-performance buildings. The increasingly popular concept of "green building," a major component of global sustainability, evokes a broad range of features from the use of on-site or recycled-content materials to water-efficient landscaping, but there is no escaping the fact that a truly green building is at its core an energy-efficient building.
Read the green article about promoting building energy efficiency (PDF Download)

April - May 2008
Green Building: Changing Times by David Eisenberg.
Something big has shifted. One indication is how difficult it is to keep up with all the changes in the field of green building and more sustainable development. Yet it isn't only all the new products, programs, organizations, evaluation systems and standards, but all the jurisdictions that are seeking to "green" their building and development codes and the organizations that are embracing this shift.
Read the green article about the shift to green building (PDF Download)

January-February 2008
Green Building: The Challenge of a Lifetime by David Eisenberg.
I am thrilled to be writing this first column for the new Green Building section of Building Safety Journal. In future issues, ICC Senior Staff Architect Allan Bilka and I will alternate using this space to present a broad spectrum of ideas, information and opinions about the world of green building and building codes. My aim in this inaugural entry is to convey the importance and uniqueness of this moment in time and the crucial role I believe the building codes community can play in addressing some of the more pressing challenges we are likely to face.
Read the first green article from the new Green Building section of the Building Safety Journal (PDF Download)

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